Thursday, 9 August 2007


I've been back in Australia for nearly two weeks now, spending some quiet time with family and friends, shopping and just wandering around the neighborhood. Japan never seems all that different until I leave, and suddenly everything is so big and spacious. There are people from so many different cultures walking around and they're pretty much all speaking a language I can understand, with a lot more front than the typical Japanese. It's not an unpleasant short of culture shock, coming back home, but it does take some getting used to.

After two weeks without Japanese food I'm hankering for a good nabe on one of these rainy nights, but it might have to wait as I get my mum to run through her repertoire of childhood favorites. What could be better on a winter evening than apple and rhubarb crumble hot from the oven with vanilla ice cream? Not much.


Now that I've got my computer and internet set up properly this coming week should clear the backlog of posts from my last few weeks in Japan and bring the first installment of my adventures with Australian Japanese food. Will it be delicious and authentic? Or will I like it as much as I liked pasta with mentaiko? Only time will tell....